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Calorie Requirements for Horses

Calories for Different Types of Horse Hay and Feeds

How many calories does my horse need per day?

The activity and work level of your horse is an important factor in determining the calories your horse needs. In general, for a 1,000 lb. horse, use the following guidelines:

Activity Level Daily Calories
Maintenance Approximately 15,000 calories
Moderate work Approximately 25,000 calories
Heavy work Approximately 33,000 calories


How many calories do different feeds provide?

Listed below are calories per pound for different types of feeds.

Feed Calories Per Pound
Green Pasture 245
Orchard Grass Hay 872
Alfalfa Hay 977
Timothy Hay 804
Alfalfa Pellets 970
Corn 1,536
Premium Oats 1,250
Beet Pulp 1,059
Farr Maintain 1,800
Compete 1,500
Youth 1,400
Equine Shine (Rice Bran) 1,600

If you have any questions on the best feeding program for your livestock, please contact us.

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