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Purina Equine Feeds for All Types of Horses

Purina Mills Equine Feeds

Purina Mills has been the leader in horse research and equine feed development for more than 100 years. As a leader, Purina knows that the different styles of horses, from pleasure to competitive, and the different stages in a horse's life require different feeds.

We proudly carry Purina Mills' line of equine products which horse owners have depended on for more than a century. Popular Purina's equine products include the following. Ask us about other Purina equine feeds.

Purina Equine Feeds

Strategy® AX, Strategy GX and Strategy Healthy Edge - Formulated for the professional horse operation. Through patented manufacturing techniques, Strategy® meets your needs, from maintenance to efficient breeding to winning performances. It releases a controlled energy that horses need while maintaining a pronounced calming effect. It provides horses with stamina, improved performance, great coat and body condition.

Omolene 100® Active Pleasure - The highest quality sweet feed with "Controlled Energy™" designed for pleasure horses. Improved Omolene with Controlled Energy has less sugar and molasses, more energy from vegetable oil, less from starch, and no supplemental vitamins are needed.

Omolene 200® Performance - The highest quality sweet feed with "Controlled Energy™"designed for competition, breeding and growing horses. Controlled Energy means less sugar and molasses, more energy from vegetable oil and less from starch. In addition, no vitamin supplements are needed.

Omolene 300® Growth - The highest quality sweet feed with "Controlled Energy™" formulated for foals and lactating mares being feed with their foals. Controlled Energy means less sugar and molasses, more energy from vegetable oil and less from starch. In addition, no vitamin supplements are needed.

Equine Junior® - A revolutionary new feed that offers a new way to feed foals. A "complete feed" which means it can supply all the nutrients your animal may need. Hay is not necessary but can be used to meet the nutritional needs of weanlings to two year olds.

Equine Adult® - A complete and easy way to feed horses in their middle years, that are active, not so active or easy keepers. Equine Adult provides a total nutritional package of high-quality protein, energy, vitamins and minerals along with highly digestible fiber.

Equine Senior® - A complete feed that furnishes optimum nutrition for the older horse's less efficient metabolic systems, to insure a lengthy and contented life. It is made up of pre-processed alfalfa and grain products that are high in nutrients and more easily digested by older horses than whole grain feeds, loose hay or pasture.

Omolene 400 - A complete sweet feed for performance and breeding horses, with forage built in. Contains no barley, oats or alfalfa. Formulated for competition and breeding horses, especially those allergic to dust and mold, or who are prone to heaves.

Omolene 500 - The energy and nutrition horses need to perform at their best throughout an entire event or to maintain their hardworking lifestyle. Formulated for equine endurance athletes and other hardworking horses.

Ask us about these and other Purina's equine products. Nutritional ingredients of these feeds and a Feeding Calculator are also available in Purina Mills' Equine Nutrition online.


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